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No January Blues Necessary

In Canada, we are blessed with a winter season. Do you remember the days when you couldn't wait to get outside to go skating or sliding? We used to stay outdoors until our feet ached and the last, faint rays of the afternoon sun were gone. We would skate on a frozen puddle if there wasn't anything better within walking distance. Kids would play hockey. We loved to get together with friends and slide downhill until our cheeks were rosy and tingling. You couldn't keep us inside. By the time our moms were calling us home there would be snow inside our boots and stuck to our hats and mittens. When we came inside to peel off the layers, we would be hungry for something good to eat -anything, -but our favorite was Mom's bread, fresh from the oven. It didn't take much to make us happy then. We looked forward to winter. Do you remember when friends would drop over unannounced and the puzzles, games and food would last long into the dark nights? What happened? When did people get so down on winter? So often people speak negatively about the cold and the snow. Many fly South for the winter to avoid shoveling the white stuff. Why do people dread this time of year?

I recently read an article called "The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter" (link below). It describes something similar to the winters in Canada when I was a kid. Those are wonderful memories. Guess what? We can still have those good times with our families and friends. When was the last time you went skating or sliding? When did you drop by someones house for a visit or to play some table games? When is the last time you invited someone over for cookies and tea? When was the last time you turned off the TV and put together a puzzle with your family? This January, try something not-so-new, that you used to do when you were excited about winter. Below is a list of ideas to get you through and make you glad that winter still comes around.

The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter

Happy January, Nina Augustin


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