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How it  all  began...

Phil and Eileen Brewer began Silver Hils Guesthouse in 1984, with a desire to help people who were suffering from poor health and were not getting the care they needed through the medical system.  The space that Phil and Eileen provided for their guest was their own bedroom. When their dream came into reality, over thirty years ago, they didn’t realize how many people would seek the nature trails, delicious gourmet meals and health lectures.  The use of a delicious plant-based diet, along with exercise and care has helped give their guests health and wellness.  The response has been overwhelming!

Phil and Eileen say:


"Looking back, the best part of this project is seeing lives changed, and hearing about guests that have experienced the hope and healing we wanted for them.

Today, our program has grown into a 12 bedroom facility with a full compliment spa  that includes facials, massages, wraps, infrared sauna, hot tub and a steam room.  Our guests appreciation and love for the meals we provide have inspired us to write cookbooks, and present cooking classes as encouragement for continued healthy eating habits at home."

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