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What our guests say...

​"Silver Hills Guesthouse is clean, cozy and comfortable. The cuisine is  inspiring.  The scenery beautiful . And the staff delightful. You are made to feel like a favourite member of the family rather that a mere  guest. Thank you for a wonderful experience"


Kamloops, BC

My first session at Silver Hills was in September, 1999.  At that time, I was looking for a way to improve my health by becoming a vegetarian and choosing a lifestyle that would work for me.  I was suffering from allergies and exzema. 


Phil's lectures made so much sense to me, and what I learned from Eileen in cooking enabled me to carry on after returning home. 


I've been a vegetarian now for 16 years and I'm in my early 60's.  My allergies and exzema are completely gone.  I take no medications. I follow Phil's guidelines for a healthy, basic lifestyle.  I eat whole foods, walk daily, drink water and try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. 


I now go to Silver Hills once a year as a treat to myself.  I enjoy the experience and the people up there.  The spa treatments are fantastic!  I feel rejeuvenated every time I go!

Vicky Catto

West Kelowna, BC

Thank you for the wonderful week at Silver Hills.  The food was absolutely fantastic - delicious and beautifully presented.  I enjoyed the cooking lessons, walks in the forest, spa treatments, nutrition and health presentations, and visiting with the other guests.  I loved finding orchids in the woods and Chocolate Lilies on the bluffs.

I also appreciated my beautiful room and the staff who kept everything clean and inviting.  Having organic vegies from the garden was a great treat.  I watched Len plowing the garden for the coming season and checked out the plants in the greenhouse.

Thank you to everyone who helped make my time the peaceful get-away I needed.   

Jean Sawatzky

Dear Silver Hills Guesthouse and Wonderful Staff,


Just wanted to thank you all for an amazing adventure of information, good advice, GREAT food, wonderful walking companionship and a week of health & hope.


It's been two weeks since leaving Silver Hills and miracle of miracles, I am STILL on the schedule started while attending your Guesthouse.  I wake at 7 am, EAT breakfast (which I have not been able to do for years) and then actually get outside for a brisk 45 minute walk in the woods before I go off to work!!


12:30 pm sees me with a big healthy vegan lunch at work, the envy of my fellow co-workers, and home in the afternoon to a short walk (some days are better than others on this walk).  My husband, has been thrilled with the 6 pm light dinners I have been making out of the Spa Cuisine cookbook too. 


Still no cravings for sweets, salt, or alcohol and the best part of all is, I am sleeping like I have never slept in my life -even as a kid.  In bed by 10 pm or so and sleep without waking, till 7 am, unbelievable.  I have never felt so clear, calm, stable, generally satisfied and happy. 


I do realize that everyday is just that, a day, so I am trying not to look too far afield and enjoy each day for what it is -now.  Hopefully, maintaining this schedule and lifestyle as best as possible.  I can certainly understand why you have repeat guests because I will be one of those too and bringing husband, family & friends along!


Once again, folks, thank you for a wonderful experience, a week that has helped me re-establish priorities and actually given me a map to follow to health and hope. 


Deb Wardle

New Westminster, BC

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